Why You May Want to Consider Getting Dental Implants – Best Dentist Directory

Speech problems with shifting teeth, abnormal bites and gum disease.

Many people might wonder whether dental implants can be equivalent to natural teeth. Yes, they’re as good as your natural teeth, plus, they won’t get cavities. A major advantage is that there is no sensitivity associated with an implant. If you have eaten a cold food there’s no need to worry if your implant is sensitive. Implants are exactly similar to the tooth they’re substituting, and their shade matches your natural teeth.

The dental implant anatomy exposes the various components that make up an implant – it’s crown, an abutment and the anchor. The crown is made to look like one, and the Abutment joins the crown with the anchor. It is implanted in the jawbone. Implant anchors for dental implants are surgically implanted into the jawbone. Have your dentist draw you a diagram of the dental implant.

To prevent serious health issues It is recommended to get missing teeth replaced. An experienced prosthodontist will go over your options based on the health of your gums and bone.