When a DUI Becomes a Felony not a Misdemeanor – Legal Terms Dictionary

isdemeanors unless you’ve done something greater, and this isn’t always easy.

So, it’s best to obey the law and avoid getting into trouble. A lot of people are unsure if they could drive while I’ve got an DUI. All depends on the facts that you have to face. Talk to your lawyer about this. However, “can you still drive even if you’ve been charged with a DUI?” isn’t the first thing you should ask when you’re arrested.

What if I get a DUI but still wish to drive? This is a frequently asked question However, your attorney can guide you through the consequences. The chances are that you’ll be granted permission to drive once more. Although you might get points to your driving licence or have your rates increase but that’s not all that’s needed. These offenses can be repeated and the court won’t accept you. The courts will accuse you of an offense that is a crime. It is possible that you will lose your license to drive at any point.

The following article will explain the ways that DUIs could become criminal charges and provide an answer to the question “Can you drive with an DUI?”