What To Expect on Your First Day of Physical Therapy – Health and Fitness Tips

Day one of physical therapy.

You should arrive an hour or two before your first appointment to do your paperwork. Your physical therapist is scheduled to meet with you when all paperwork is completed. They’ll do an assessment as well as review your medical records and assess your strengths and limitations. They’ll then make a plan to get returning to the activity you like to do.

Physical therapy is required for a myriad of reasons. For example, back and neck strains, shoulder injuries that require surgery, post-operatively, accidents, balance issues, and neurological disorders are a few of the most common ailments that patients get treated with physical therapy for. Therapists deal with all joints from the jawto all the until the toe.

Physical therapy is a physically exercise that demands more motion. The patient must feel comfortable and relaxed to feel comfortable and at comfortable. Also, you should base the clothing you choose on the nature of your injuries. If you have a knee injury, you may want to wear shorts , or perhaps an oversized tank.

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