Tesla Smashes Into Convention Center at 70 MPH – Fast Car Video

These are extremely recent. They are made to look like sports cars of the present. However, they’re completely electric. These are in greater demand than ever as people remain looking for carbon-saving solutions. The devices are rigorously tested to ensure the safety of their users. But this doesn’t mean drivers are safe. In this video, a driver is who is recklessly driving at speeds of 70 miles per hour before colliding with a Ohio event center.

The Tesla vehicle in the video is totaled and you can clearly see. It will need lots of bodywork repair work in order to repair that poor car. It went through the doors of the convention center in a rapid speed. Glass and other debris went everywhere. Fortunately, the driver survived. While it was an indoor girls’ volleyball tournament, no one was injured. This can’t be said of the center for conventions. It will cost approximately $250,000 to restore the damage. This is the price for recklessness.