Impress Your Family by Installing Your Own Shingles – Family Magazine

Tallation is not the only way to fail the installation. There is a way to save time and money either by hiring an experienced residential roofing service or by finding out how to properly install roofing shingles. In this video, will discover how to install shingles like a pro. This will amaze even your family!

Safety is your number one priority, no matter the kind of roofing your roof is. To ensure that you don’t fall off the roof, it is important to use safety gear including a harness and rope. This happens quite often, unfortunately. Once you are all geared up, you will want to set up the drip edge on the roofing side. Once the drip edge is installed is installed, it’s time to complete the installation of the felt. The felt should be covered over the entire surface of your roof in order to shield it from water. After this, you can begin installing the shingles. They should be laid over at the edges and on at the top. You can also cut the tiles so that they can fit over the sides.