How To Replace Prop Shaft Seal – Free Car Magazines

For the replacement of the prop shaft seals of outboard carburetors. For this it is first necessary to remove the Allen screw, which is what connects everything. After that, he utilizes the Mercury specially designed tool to pull out the locking ring. Next, he utilizes an angled screwdriver for folding back of the tab. He claims that this would typically require a ratchet of half an inch, but he does this by hand. The bearing’s carrier is removed from the case by using an abrasive puller.

Mike removes the machine to take off the seals on the shaft. Then, he scrubs the bore, and then puts Loctite in it. He then places the seal’s exterior with its lips forward and then puts it in place using the Mercury sealing tool. It’s the same procedure with the seal inside.

Mike adds a mixture of Mercury 24c and synthetic gearlube, and then apply it to the bearing. The thrust washer is then placed over the bearing, then the bearing is dropped into place. He then inserts the washer, the o-ring and gear in the carrier. He then applies Mercury’s perfect seal and reassembles the outboard carburetor. d3wgh4ymyv.