How To Easily DIY Your Garage Door Install Today – Melrose Painting

In this case, it is the transportation, replacement of your door that is old, as well as assembly. Garage doors are heavy and difficult, therefore the majority of garage door buyers hire professionals. If you’re proficient in the use of tools, you could make savings while still having the pleasure of installing your garage door.

The torsion springs are much safer than standard torsion-spring models for garage doors. The garage door fitted with standard torsion springs should never be removed or modified. They’re extremely strained which could cause injury. Find out how to do this or hire a professional garage door installer.

Use these simple steps for your DIY garage setup.

1. Reduce garage door tension
2. Unplug your existing door from the garage door opener.
3. Attach the sectional garage door plates
4. Fix the hinges in place and attach the tracks
5. Join the tracks
5. Connect the spring assembly the track
7. Introduce springs
8. Attach the torsion rod and pulleys
9. Connect the cable
10. Keep the springs in mind.