Home Addition Tour and Pricing Guide Was it Worth It? – Finance Video

It was a plan to add a second story to her house. Everything was done by the builder, with the exception for submitting all the paperwork as well as paying the fees required for the construction permission.
After pouring concrete and constructing the foundation wall using blocks of cinder, the foundation team came in. Then the framing team followed and put up the client’s framing walls.
The walls on the exterior are coated with moisture barriers as well as subfloors. Windows were later installed after the electrician completed all the wiring.
Another group worked on interior walls, which included the insulation and trim (baseboard as well as crown moulding), and painting. Floor workers completed the carpet and flooring.
Based on the estimate of the client, the two-story addition was about $100,000. This is slightly higher than the typical national cost.
It’s worth the investment. That’s fine But she’s convinced it’s well worth the cash. Anyone who is looking to buy larger homes should immediately begin the process to benefit from an extra 1000SF of space for one thousand dollars.