A Guide to Buying a Used Pontoon – Skiing Video

It can be exciting, but it’s also a little confusing to purchase a used boat. The video below explains the steps to take when searching for a used pontoon boat.

The first step is to ask yourself some what questions you have. How large do you want this pontoon? Do you need tritoons? Are sterndrive pontoons going to serve you? It will take some research from your side, but it’ll pay off at the end.

The second thing to take into consideration is whether you intend purchase from a retailer or off of someone privately. Private dealers could have fluctuating prices based on market prices. You could get a boat super cheap or you may get under-charged. It is safer to buy a boat in the event that it isn’t as stated by the dealer.

Your pontoon boat’s diameter plays a significant role. A boat should not be less than 23 inches in diameter. The ideal is between 25 and 27 inches. This lets you have multiple people on board without worry and will provide more durable in the end.

To learn more about buying second-hand pontoon boats, visit the following link for the video on the right.