A Beginners Guide to Acne Treatment – Bright Healthcare

you should understand that you’re not the only one with your struggles. All ages have different amounts of acne. While it is a totally everyday occurrence it can also cause a large quantity of anxiety. The result is insecurity and pain. This video produced by Doctor. Mansouri explains some of the fundamental principles that are involved with treating acne.

Dr. Mansouri explains the fact that there are a variety of types of acne . The way you approach treatment will depend on what kind you are experiencing. For those with mild acne, over-the-counter products will likely be sufficient.

However, over-the-counter remedies might be ineffective for people with moderate or serious acne. If you are dealing with greater intensity of acne, you should make an appointment with an experienced board-certified dermatologist. They will find the best way to manage your unique skin.

The main reason for skin problems is hormones. Teenagers, whether in their 20s or 30s can have trouble staying clear of blemishes. Prioritize yourself! Contact a certified, board-certified dermatologist now to get started on treating your acne now.