12 Tips for Ensuring You, Your Guests, and Your Wedding Party All Have a Great Time at Your Wedding – Media Content Lab

It is possible to give them the opportunity to have a home. Perhaps give them a special area far from the places where everyone else is living.

It is possible to book Airbnb rentals ahead of time. If you’re lucky enough to locate one near the venue, it’s possible to rent an entire house. Also, you may be able to find accommodation right at the venue for your wedding, however it’s not always feasible.

Make sure that your wedding reception can be held somewhere should they feel tired after having to do dance the Conga twelve times (to your dismay and shame of all those who are watching).

6. Haircuts are available.

Your wedding celebration will be in most of the wedding photos and videos, so if you want your wedding to appear stunning, you should consider haircuts as one of the most important suggestions and tricks for the wedding reception.

If you’re looking for a uniform style for your whole wedding party you must consider this. You might be unfair that they be able to pay for haircuts as they will likely spend a lot on outfits and other accessories.

You should plan ahead what hairstyles you would like to wear and discuss it with your bridal party members to ensure that everyone is on board in your thoughts and preferences.

The day before your wedding schedule appointments at the barbershops for both men and the women.

7. For your bride’s maids, make custom necklaces

The dresses you choose for your bridesmaids ‘ dresses are likely one of the prettiest and best you can find, they’re not enough for your wedding photos to sparkle. What you need is something that will really make the outfits unique, and we’re not talking about their smiles. Also, you can add some class in their looks with customized jewellery.

Make custom jewelry or necklaces to your bridesmaids that match their dresses and overall style of the ceremony. They’ll look stunning and are special.